Medical devices are crucial tools for screening, diagnosis and to determine the next step of treatment. In this series of NGMD workshops, we will be focusing on optoelectronic instrumentation for rapid, point-of-care diagnosis and therapeutic aspects of various diseases. We will cover the state-of-the-art and future research directions in this field. The speakers consist of international experts in this field, recognized experts from premier institutions in India and major players from industry.


The workshop will cover the following major topics:

• Introduction to state-of-the-art optofludic biomedical instruments for diagnostics and therapeutics.

• Technology Translation from proof-of-concept to point-of-care devices.

• Current focus of industry in the area of biomedical instrumentation and role of AI in improving diagnostic outcomes.

• Clinical Implementation and challenges of Next Gen Medical devices

• Future Trends in academia and industry in this area i.e. Regulatory aspects of the medical devices and Implementation


The workshop is open to faculty members, research scholars and students from universities and educational institutions, and scientists and engineers from research organizations and industries, respectively.


• Last date for the receipt of applications by email: scanned copy is 31th/Jan/2022

• Intimation of selection: 5th/feb/2022

• Workshop start date: 7th /Feb/2022


Maximum number of applicants is limited to 50. The selected applicants will be provided a secured meeting code of the web platform one day before the commencement of course.


The Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering was established in 2007 with the objective of providing a multidisciplinary research and teaching program in Biotechnology and Medical Engineering that advances fundamental understanding of how biological systems operate and to develop effective biology-based technologies for applications across a wide spectrum of societal needs including innovations in diagnosis, therapy of human diseases, design of novel biomaterials, biomedical devices, and in solving environmental hazard.

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